Monday, September 20, 2010

Erdem Ready-To-Wear Spring 2011

I know I forgot to do a Folk Friday last week, I had to fly home for a family event, I apologize! The good news though: I finished a book! So, be on the lookout for a long overdue book review probably tomorrow.

I have been glued to the fashion shows these past few days & Erdem's collection was a glorious transition from summer to fall. The collection goes from whites to reds to yellows to mixed florals. Generally, I find red a jarring's hard for me to wear/decorate with, but the red lace here is quite laid back. I also have a really hard time looking at yellow, but here it comes off romantic & sweet -I'm not even offended by it! I guess I have a difficult time with fire-y colors, ha! The collection includes little dresses, flowy long ones, pants, blouses... I love it.

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