Friday, October 1, 2010

MUSIC: Folk Friday {Kate Rusby}

I feel pretty lame about missing two Folk Friday's in a row - you & I both know I would rather be trolling around for new music &/or scrolling through my iTunes to find something to share instead of constantly writing & editing thesis chapters.

This week I have a new folkie for you, well she's new to me & I'm digging it. Maybe you will too - I think it's safe to say she is right up Britt's alley.

Kate Rusby - a lovely combination of traditional & modern folk - is, unsurprisingly, from England {everything I listen to for the past 2 years or so seems to be coming out of England, any suggestions on American artists from our emerging folk scene??}. She was born in 1973 in Yorkshire. Kate was raised by a musically inclined & interested family, learning fiddle at any early age. She debuted at a festival when she was 15 & joined forces with fellow folky - Kathryn Roberts - for a few albums, garnering them attention & a few awards. She currently has eight solo discs available on iTunes.

I think Kate must also be a little bit of an artist because her website {linked above} sells some of her doodles on mugs & shirts & other things. I really dig them - super cute. See the mugs below:

I'm quite excited about this find - let me know what you all think! However, it doesn't look like she will be making her way to the U.S. anytime soon - view her tour dates here.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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