Sunday, January 16, 2011


Over the past few days I cannot believe how much this musician has appeared in my daily activities. Its a bit spooky and seems cosmically aligned that I share! First there was the segment on NPR. Then I heard her on a college radio station. Finally my puppeteer/artist friend Zach, who has a blog of his own, mentioned her. And that's when I knew I should publish something! I will admit I was a little self conscience, because I don't want all the aforementioned sources to think I was copying them. It was all leading up to this.
Have I intrigued you enough? Well, drum roll please....
Take a listen to KATE BUSH.

She's crazy. How could you not love her?
A quick peak at her biography and you can see that she has served as inspiration for artists of all kinds. Florence Welsh of Florence and the Machine sighted her as a huge influence.
What I love most is her passion for creativity and art. She's not trying to hit the top of the charts, nor is she worried what others will think of her creation. She says she just likes to "play," and I really admire that kind of freedom. I hope you enjoy it too!

p.s. The Decemberists new album comes out on the 18th!! Preview it!

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