Friday, June 24, 2011

Hey Remember Us?! Folk Music Friday - Hey Marseilles

Let's pretend six months haven't flown by and you are anxiously waiting for another Folk Friday music post.
Well wait no more!

Hey Marseilles is my new discovery hailing from Seattle, WA. There is something about the Pacific Northwest that must really call to me, since neighboring Portland is the epicenter of the Decemberist's musical development too.

Much like The Decemberists, Hey Marseilles is touched by folk and indie elements, using unconventional as well as the typical instruments in their seven member arrangements.

They currently have one album, Of Travels and Trunks, with has a few gems and potential to grow in the indie music community. There is clear joy in the songs they write, and they seem unafraid to use language to their advantage.

My favorite is "Calabasas," a sweepingly epic description of driving up through California to Washington. Take a listen!

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