Thursday, February 11, 2010

Separated at Birth, blog to blogger

In the footsteps of so many famous bloggers, I am happy to present our first real crack at Internet publishing. Like staking a claim in the wild frontier, I feel as though I have been waiting for just the right time to finally face the blogging masses with something to say.

Okay, maybe I have nothing really all that interesting to write about. Maybe Carolyn does... Well really it doesn't matter because whether we are writing just to pass the time between our cross country visits or for a hundred million followers, we proudly present: our blog. Ta dah.

The thought came to us almost simultaneously while chatting one afternoon. The two of us, Carolyn and I, shared an apartment with, shall we say, much character, our senior year at the University of Connecticut. We both knew we had a lot in common, love for nature, co-counselors at the same "art camp" {that's us dressed as Gilligan & Mary-Anne above circa 2007}, tea, musical tastes, what we didn't know was that that list would grow and grow until we would exclaim (almost on a daily basis): we are the same person!

Now the graduation diplomas hang on the wall (or in the envelope still under my bed) and we have taken new steps in our respective lives. Fortunate for the both of us, we are, like Anne and Diane, kindred spirits (Ah! first literary reference of the post!) and though we can't share an evening of tea and wine spritzers while watching Tool Academy, we can certainly talk about how we both kept up the ritual even while 2000 miles away.

But that isn't the real reasons we have secured this Internet domain. No, we wanted to have a main focus for our postings. Following in the great tradition of readers and reviews, we decided on a book club. We hope to discuss and review books of all kinds, fiction, non-fiction, classical, humor, graphic (?), historical while adding our own tidbits of insight about pop culture (America's Next Top Model premiers March 3 on the CW) and what make us tick. It was Carolyn who recommended extra posts about craft projects, travels, and musings of all kinds, and I think she is brilliant.

So read it and weep world. Well hopefully don't weep, unless you are so moved by my first post. Feel free to add to the conversation or just sit back and enjoy the ride. If nothing else, Carolyn you and I will have something to laugh about when you FINALLY come visit me. (wink).

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