Friday, May 14, 2010

Down East Doormats

Check out this inspiring idea for a company & home design.
These are perfect for that Maine cottage I plan on owning.
Plus, they have a soul to them.


Lobstermen use float-rope to tie multiple lobster traps together on the ocean floor. The problem with this is it can tangle up whales -leading to injury or death {much like seagulls and plastic soda holders}.
Now, Maine lobstermen have to use sink-rope instead. Without a good way/place to recycle this rope, much of it could end up in Maine landfills.

After purchasing turned in float rope from Maine lobstermen, the Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation, recycles the rope and turns it into these amazing doormats.

The benefits: safer habitat for whales, some economic gain for lobstermen, and a cleaner environment. Made in Maine from Maine products, so supporting local endeavors & craftspeople. Also, they give a percentage of their profits to groups that protect the Northern Right Whale, Maine lobstermen, and those that use environmentally friendly practices in the Gulf of Maine.

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