Friday, May 7, 2010

MUSIC: Fok Friday {The Living Sisters}

I was recently told that people need at least 8 "loving touches" a day in order to survive. Well, I'm not sure if we all meet that quota every day, but if you'd like to give a little comfort to your ear drums, go ahead and take a listen.

The living Sisters is a newly minted trio made up of Eleni Mandell, Inara George and Becky Stark. These lovely ladies just put out their first album,"Love to Live."
Its an immediate feel good remedy, made up of luscious three part harmonies and adorable lyrics.

This isn't surprising since all three already have an established musical background.
Eleni Mandell has already produced solo 7 albums exploring her talents as a jazz, folk, and country singer.
Inara George is the bird or maybe the bee from the duo, The Bird and the Bee.

I have known about Becky Stark for quite some time. She is featured on the latest album, "Hazards of Love" by one of my favorite bands, The Decemberists. The album is definitely a concept album, more like a off-off Broadway rock opera, that I may or may not have fantasies about turning into an amazing puppet filled show... Becky is also a member of Lavender Diamond who deserves their own Folk Friday write up!

Keeping with a theme here, these ladies are all about love! The love to sing, they love to laugh, claiming sometime they spent more time joking than harmonizing. And they love babies.

I think they sound a lot like The Chordettes, who made famous "Mr. Sandman" in the 1950's. Or the sister-y group, The Andrew Sisters. No?

So a quick count, The Living Sisters, all three members, Lavender Diamond, The Decemberists, The Chordettes, The Bird and the Bee, the Andrew Sisters and my best wishes for you today... love your ears!

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  1. This is the reason why Folk Friday you could turn me on to awesome Music I have never heard of. Well Done Britt. Already in love...and I'm intrigued about Lavender Diamond {good name!}


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