Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hey Hey

I legit just got back from vacation...2 glorious weeks in Maine. I promise to get down to some serious blogging tomorrow, but before that happens I just wanted to share a little movie tip. The night before I left for Maine, after throwing a few swim suits in a bag, I watched an amazing, random, & Netflix suggested film.

Hey Hey Its Esther Blueburger {2008} was a serious surprise! It's Australian & the only actress I recognized was Toni Collette.
It follows 13-year old Esther through the sometimes hilarious & sometimes heart-wrentching moments of early teen-hood including a joint bar mitzvah with her, interesting, to say the least, twin brother. She also takes a baby duck under her wing {ha!} & names him "Normal"...however, Normal suffers quite an unexpected twist of fate.

The girl who plays Ester is going places! She was so funny & totally believable as a 13 year old girl - I detest when they cast older people to play high schoolers {or in this case middle schoolers}, but Danielle Catanzariti {aka Esther}, who was actually around 16 when this was filmed, was amazing & more than believable.

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