Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Space: the "final frontier"

If there is one thing I need to see before I die, its the Northern Lights. I am absolutely fascinated by this beautiful phenomenon.

(, Travis Novitsky)

On Sunday, August 1 a huge solar flare erupted on the Sun's surface sending all sorts of charged particles into Earth's atmosphere creating what we call Aurora Borealis. Mostly, you can only see them far north such as Canada or Alaska, which I totally plan on doing one day, but over the next few days, the lights may been seen as far south as Oregon and Wisconsin.

(, Tony Wilder)

Tonight's light promise to be even more spectacular. Maybe I'll hop my private jet to see them... or just rely on skilled photographers to entice me until I can see them for myself. If you live up north, be sure to check out or to find the best viewing window for your latitude.

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