Friday, November 26, 2010

Folk Music Friday: Hello Saferide

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And lets give thanks that a) there is music to be appreciated in the world and b)I, yes Brittaney after allegedly falling off the Earth, am writing a new post!
I present to you: HELLO SAFERIDE.
Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Hello Saferide, is my new European listening obsession!
Here's a fun fact: the name comes from inspired by an intelligent bus driver in a drug-addicted small town, identified as Willimantic, Connecticut. We probably went to the safe Co-op market! If I'd only known....
Anyway, Hello Saferide has a fun, indie sound, coupled with effective and thoughtful storytelling. I admire that in music because if you didn't know I'm really more of a lyrics girl myself (sight Ingrid Michaelson, showtunes, y'know....) What attracts you to new music?
Here is a great example of HS's proclivity to spin a yarn.

Much like an Iron & Wine, or A Fine Frenzy, the "band" Hello Saferide is dominated by the front woman Annika Norlin. She provides almost all the vocals, lyrics, and some guitar work, but is backed by a fun and creative crew of Swedes. Still, its mostly Annika.

I will come clean, I currently only listen to Annika and the gang on Pandora or thier MySpace page. I'm waiting for my birthday to roll around to buy at least on of their to English albums (Introducing... and More Modern Short Stories). But then my birthday list has grown quite long with all the amazing find Carolyn posts here!

As we stare down the pike at the Holiday season, hopefully Hello Saferide can provide a respite from festive tunes. As much as I love them, too much of a good thing, like thanksgiving feasts, can leave you feeling overwhelmed and numb. Rejuvenate with a nice Swedish message to the ears and enjoy!

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