Monday, November 29, 2010

Lighten Up

When Carolyn has made the trek from New England to the Mid Atlantic states she is going to want to relax in her humble abode. My suggestion to her is to light up.
No nothing illegal... we're not that kind of blog! Light a candle, a Voluspa candle!

Voluspa Candles are quite posh and a bit on the pricey side, but the fragrances are really lovely. So somewhere in between burning that Yankee candle you bought from your kid brother's school fundraiser or the incense you found in the Haight, you may want to try Voluspa.

The fragrances are, like I said, beautiful. My favorite is French Cade and Lavendar!

The design aesthetic is pretty cool too!

According the their website, Voluspa is the Celtic goddess of Wisdom. My own research tells me the goddess is actually of Nordic origin. I think maybe they were attracted to the -spa at the end of the name!

The company is actually based in Lake Forest, the next town over from me actually. Even though their candles and cause don't necessarily promote ecofriendliness (a la soy or bees wax) it seems they stay away from chemicals as they are a "luxury candle."

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