Saturday, December 4, 2010

Melt My Heart

You know what I miss?


You know why I don't have to anymore.

Vegan Cheese, Cheddar Flavor by Follow Your Heart.

A few days ago, my very wonderful boyfriend surprised me with Vegan Grilled cheese and organic (non creamy) Tomato Soup. Ho. Ly. Cow. Literally. The tofu cow responsible is a saint in my eyes. I guess my BF could be considered venerable as well.

This is the first vegan cheese I have tried, and you know what, its not that bad. It does melt and re harden much like a regular cheese, however when it reaches its melting point: BAM! melted! This is probably due to the oils used, accounting also for the fact that when it melts on your fingers it REALLY hurts. Allegedly.
I am curious to try it in other uses, though I'm pretty much ecstatic about grilled cheese at the moment. I could be uber "Earthy granola" as my dad teases and have a vegan cheese veggie burger next, with a side of backed sweet potato fries and fruit from the local orchard. Wait...

Stay tuned as I sample other varieties of Vegan cheese. Or let us know how you carry on lactose free. If you are looking to find Follow Your Heart or any other brand try patronizing your local Co-op or Natural Food Stores as they will most likely carry them. Some will even make a special order for you! Search Trader Joe's, Henry's, Mother's Market, and Whole Foods... depending on you US locale.

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  1. I usually buy the shredded soy cheese from Trader Joe's -but it's only good melted like in a baked potato, etc. I think all soy cheese is probably best melty and not for snacks.


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