Friday, May 28, 2010

MUSIC: Folk Friday {The Yardbirds}

In lieu of an actual Folk Friday post, I'm leaving you with a little music from The Yardbirds...whom I will be going to see in concert in a few hours. An important/influential rock&roll group in the 1960s hailing from England. They rock. Enjoy.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Nicole Fox

Following in the footsteps of some earlier posts regarding ANTM winners & rejects, comes shorty season winner, Nicole Fox. Here she is shooting with Kathryna Hancock. In my untrained opinion, it's just OK, nothing special. I want her hair & she has potential, but I'm really not digging this whole languid, strung-out vibe. Thoughts?

Photographer – Kathryna Hancock
Stylist – Thomas Anderson
Hair/Makeup – Juanita Lyon @ Celestine Agency
Model – Nicole Fox @ Wilhelmina

How do you OCD?

Here are some lovely photos of some well organized shelves. They beg the question: how do you choose to organize your tomes? Alphabetical, by color, by genre, by author, by year....? I tend to save one side of my shelves for yet-to-be-read books & keep my finished ones on the other side & within those two groups I do it by genre or author, which tend to be similar... I also have mild OCD, so shape & size of said books is an important factor to consider.

Sunny Afternoon

Super sorry for lack of posting. I'm neck deep in my last week of my first year of graduate things are crazy right now! I'm leaving you some pretty pictures that have me dreaming of summer & a great lack of responsibilities.

Photographer – Henry Moshizi
Stylist – Maiken Winther
Hair/Makeup – Lasse Pedersen
Model – Iza Olak
Producer – Thomas Wadensten
Magazine: Costume {Danish magazine, June 2010}

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

American Gothic

These images are a serious source of inspiration right now. I found them here, but they are from here.
I love everything about them. The mood & styling are so perfect.
American Gothic meets Vogue!

{image: American Gothic by Grant Wood, 1930}

I'm loving the stick out ears, the strict parted hair, the low socks, the fishtail braids, the blushed cheeks, the overalls, the butterfly collars, the dresses, the outworn buttondowns....I want!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Down East Doormats

Check out this inspiring idea for a company & home design.
These are perfect for that Maine cottage I plan on owning.
Plus, they have a soul to them.


Lobstermen use float-rope to tie multiple lobster traps together on the ocean floor. The problem with this is it can tangle up whales -leading to injury or death {much like seagulls and plastic soda holders}.
Now, Maine lobstermen have to use sink-rope instead. Without a good way/place to recycle this rope, much of it could end up in Maine landfills.

After purchasing turned in float rope from Maine lobstermen, the Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation, recycles the rope and turns it into these amazing doormats.

The benefits: safer habitat for whales, some economic gain for lobstermen, and a cleaner environment. Made in Maine from Maine products, so supporting local endeavors & craftspeople. Also, they give a percentage of their profits to groups that protect the Northern Right Whale, Maine lobstermen, and those that use environmentally friendly practices in the Gulf of Maine.

MUSIC: Folk Friday {Freelance Whales}

This was like a scavenger hunt.
Or a sign from the universe that I needed new music.
I heard them at the weirdest times on NPR & various college radio stations.
Saw their CD, which only just came out on April 27, 2010, just about everywhere I went.
Yesterday, I bought it at a used book store & while I still have to explore it, I thought I would share my findings with you.
Also, they don't even have a Wikipedia page! Blasphemy!

The band: Freelance Whales
The CD: Weathervanes
Sounds like: Postal Service, Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens..ish
From: New York

Video below:

Dig the rad inside album artwork! Looks like Tim Burton's notebook doodles from elementary school:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Erdem Spring Ready-to-Wear 2010

I'm craving summer clothes, specifically dresses, specifically floral dresses.
Also, I'm dying for some lacey goodness.
Enter Erdem's dreamy Spring Ready-To-Wear 2010 collection.
Filled with romance - but not the usual delicateness that comes with florals & lace - it's casual with an understated strength that screams spring.
Here's my faves:


My birthday is legit right around the corner & while I have way too much work to celebrate/appreciate it I can procrastinate slightly by messing around online - specifically, looking for home goods to decorate a house I don't have & will not have for a long time. Thought I would share my findings with you.

Behold my 4 favorite things {3 of which are pillows} from Sparrow.

Not that this kind of thing interests me, but I can totally see the last two pillows used in a quirky decorating scheme in a little boy and girl's room, respectively.

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