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Friday, August 27, 2010

Letters of Note

What an awesome website. Letters of Note posts authentic letters, usually of an intriguing nature. Here's a few that I found neat, but visit the website to see the rest {& to waste time -yay internet!}

MUSIC: Folk Friday {Bombay Bicycle Club}

These guys hail from London & have such a sweet sound to them. Their debut CD, I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose, came out July 6, 2009. That was followed by Flaws released July 12, 2010.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cozy Fall Moments

Yah, it's still August & while Im dreading the end of the summer {ugh thesis} I can't help but want to be surrounded by tweeds & knits. This photoshoot captures those cravings.

Anouck Lepere for Elle Belgium by Pablo Delfos {September 2010}

Nina Ricci Resort 2011

This collection is pulling from some of my latest obsessions: nudes & blush colors, lace, billowy tops & bottoms -but tailored, chunky wooden platforms, minimalist ensembles. As well as some of my fashion staples: cardis!!


The National Park Service was created on this day in 1916. Celebrate by going on a hike!

{1864: Bridalveil Falls in Yosemite}

{1872: Yellowstone becomes the first National Park}

{1890: Rock Creek Park established}

{1920: Yellowstone Canyon}

{1940: Aztec Ruins National Monument}

{2000: Everglades National Park}

{2009: Zion National Park turns 100}


Awesome papercuts. Super cute for a beach cottage. Fitting for my thesis.

Friday, August 20, 2010

MUSIC: Folk Friday {Laura Marling}

No idea how I came across this gorgeous folky {Pandora is most likely}, but I legit cannot get enough. I listen to her CD on repeat & it only makes my desire to move to the English countryside stronger & sadder.

Laura Marling, who is only 20, comes from England & was part of the folk-act Noah & the Whale before going solo in 2007/2008.

Her first disc, Alas I Cannot Swim {2007}, was followed by I Speak Because I Can {2010}. Her voice is simply stunning.

Oh, yah, all these pictures are of the same girl -she's been through a few hair incarnations {& they all look great, which is hard to pull off!}.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Haute Crochet

Granny squares meets high fashion!

Carolyn Recently Finished {Pharmakon}:

Brittaney sent this to me a few months ago & I finally got around to reading it whilst sunning myself at the beach. B did a post on this book awhile ago {read here}. I read it in about 4 days {hours & hours a day - don't you love when you have time for that!} & while it definitely held my attention I have some mixed thoughts.

I loved the family dynamics. They were authentic in every way - especially when it came to sibling rivalry & conflict. The research dealing with island herbs was intriguing {I'm into holistic medicine & tea}. I was annoyed with the doctors attitude towards the wealthy {even though I have expressed similar attitudes it was still uncool} & his dreams of cutthroat success. The book is divided into three segments -the final one dealing with the youngest son of the family. This was probably the most interesting & relatable, but it lost me at the end {or should I say non-ending}. The doctor's research engages a young man named Casper, which has irreversible consequences for the family. That plot, while intricately related to his research with the plant, seemed to be seperate - I felt that the two storylines could have been two different books because I wanted so much more from each than I got. Like I said -mixed feelings - it held my interest for sure, but it left me wanting more & not in a good way. It felt unfinished in my mind. I wanted to know what happened to Casper & why he is what he is more than anything & what the youngest son {Zach, later Z} ends up doing.

Vintage America

These are some of the only color photographs taken during the Depression. They cover the time period of 1939-1943 & focus on rural & small town life. They were taken by the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information. Property of the Library of Congress.

Here are a handful from New England:

{Southington, CT. 1942}

{Rutland, VT. 1941}

{Brockton, MA. 1940}

{Caribou, Maine. 1940}

{Derby, CT. 1940}

{Stonington, CT. 1940}

{via Goldteef}
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