Friday, December 24, 2010

Folk Friday - Take a Look!

I do have a legitimate new Folk Find, but this is more fitting for today.


Merry Christmas!!

The Bookish Bohemians and Kindred Spirits

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Animal Attraction

I know that doing two pillow posts in a row is a little unorthodox -let alone slightly boring & unoriginal, but I just came across these & they are too darling not to share right away! Here.

Lazy/Cozy Brooklyn

Pillows by AphroChic depicting different neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

{Park Slope}

{Boerum Hill}

{Clinton Hill}

{Fort Greene}

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just Devine!

If I ever visit, sorry WHEN I (one day) visit London, I know will have to pilgrimage to the Tatty Devine store. Tatty Devine is a jewelery company based in the East End of London owned by Rosie Wolfenden and Harriet Vine (what FANTASTIC names!). The pair started the company 1999, making acyclic-based accessories with a bold and unique twist that makes me just giddy! I fist saw one of their pieces on my very good friend Lucy and now I frequently drool over the website. Let me start your addiction.


More Earrings! Even cuter!

How Funny!

LOVE THIS!!!!! I may just order this...

This is a hair piece. Can you believe that?


Grand Finale {My favorite of all their collections!}:

Monday, December 6, 2010

Cheep Cheep

Lauren (from The Lo Down) & I spent some quality time in Northampton, MA {if you haven't -go immediately} whilst I was home for Thanksgiving -which included many hours spent @WEBS{heaven/drug for knitters}. In addition to spending beaucoup dollars on yarn & yarn related goodies we each got a project bag made by Blue Sky Alpaca. I was in desperate need of a small knitting project bag & these babies are pretty cheap {& cute!}. WEBS only had three options, but there are a few more found on this site. Lauren & I characteristically went home with the pink & purple, respectively.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Melt My Heart

You know what I miss?


You know why I don't have to anymore.

Vegan Cheese, Cheddar Flavor by Follow Your Heart.

A few days ago, my very wonderful boyfriend surprised me with Vegan Grilled cheese and organic (non creamy) Tomato Soup. Ho. Ly. Cow. Literally. The tofu cow responsible is a saint in my eyes. I guess my BF could be considered venerable as well.

This is the first vegan cheese I have tried, and you know what, its not that bad. It does melt and re harden much like a regular cheese, however when it reaches its melting point: BAM! melted! This is probably due to the oils used, accounting also for the fact that when it melts on your fingers it REALLY hurts. Allegedly.
I am curious to try it in other uses, though I'm pretty much ecstatic about grilled cheese at the moment. I could be uber "Earthy granola" as my dad teases and have a vegan cheese veggie burger next, with a side of backed sweet potato fries and fruit from the local orchard. Wait...

Stay tuned as I sample other varieties of Vegan cheese. Or let us know how you carry on lactose free. If you are looking to find Follow Your Heart or any other brand try patronizing your local Co-op or Natural Food Stores as they will most likely carry them. Some will even make a special order for you! Search Trader Joe's, Henry's, Mother's Market, and Whole Foods... depending on you US locale.

Friday, December 3, 2010

MUSIC: Folk Friday {Sharon Van Etten}

Yesterday, my dad texted me with partial lyrics to a song he had just heard on the radio & said it was by Sharon something & could I do a little sleuthing to find out what the song was & who the artist was because, he said, he thought I would really enjoy the music.

Sleuthing accomplished & hypothesis correct! The artist in question is Sharon Van Etten & the particular song he had heard was One Day, which is on her new album: Epic & I LOVE it.

I couldn't find too, too much information on who she is, etc, but here is an article published by The Village Voice (read full article here)- from what I can gather she is 25 years old & originally from Tennessee, landed an internship at Ba Da Bing Records in NYC (home to the band Beirut) & eventually acquired a record deal herself.

Her first album, Because I Was In Love, came out on May 26, 2009. The second record, Epic, was released this past fall on September 7, 2010.

Her music is very quiet, a little dreamy & melancholy, solid folk. Enjoy below!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Carolyn Recently Finished {Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Bestiality}:

I'm a little conflicted about whether or not this truly counts (& I would love to hear what you all think) -because I listened to this book instead of reading it. I purchased my first Audiobook for my 6-7-ish hour drive back to school & I have to tell you -I LOVED IT. What a great idea & I can't believe I haven't done it sooner!

Anyways, I picked David Sedaris' new book Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Bestiality (2010) because I have furiously read every single thing he has written & loved it. This was a little different than what I anticipated, but I'm glad I didn't read any reviews of it because I might not have selected it for my drive. It doesn't deal with his kooky family or people for that matter. It was 18 chapters (took about 3 hours to listen to) of "moral" stories with animal characters. What I love about Sedaris is that he captures how people really are & what they actually say/think -this book, although with animals, is no exception. On some of the stories I had to laugh out loud (alone in my car...) because I have had interactions with or know people or have been in similar situations and all the words/thoughts from the animals were the same.

Chapters include: The Cat and the Baboon, The Migrating Warblers, The Squirrel and the Chipmunk, The Toad, The Turtle, and the Duck, The Motherless Bear, The Mouse and the Snake, The Parenting Storks, The Faithful Setter, The Crow and the Lamb, The Sick Rat and the Healthy Rat, The Cow and the Turkey, The Vigilant Rabbit, The Judicious Brown Chicken, The Parrot and the Potbellied Pig, Hello Kitty, The Grieving Owl

I really loved this books -it was hilarious & very different from what I anticipated. I would absolutely recommend it! I could also totally see this book turned into an animated movie (à la Fantastic Mr. Fox) for adults (swearing, sex having animals and all....).
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