Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ballet Shoes

I'm obsessed with Netflix. There I said it. Besides Ravelry, it's probably the website I waste the most time on. So, this movie was in the Watch Instantly section & I've been curious to see it because as a shamelessly fanatic Harry Potter fan I just had to see how Hermione Granger was as a non-witch.

Apparently,Ballet Shoes is a made-for-TV BBC movie from 2007. It wasn't half bad, honestly, it would have been really great for the nine year old girl market. I imagine it could have been better with a little bit more focus on character development, but the costumes really did it for me - very 1940's. See for yourself below:

Emma Watson wasn't bad either -sometimes guilty of overacting, but perhaps her time @ Brown University will do her good. I hear she's taking acting classes -imagine how frustrated her cohorts must be. They might be better actors, but they will never make even a portion of what Emma has made.

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  1. That looks enjoyable! We should watch the Young Victoria when you get back!


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