Thursday, June 3, 2010

Above Stuart Haygarth

I was instantly drawn to this new publication, ABOVE, while wasting time at Barnes & Noble last week. It's a new magazine out of the UK, with the tagline: "beauty will save the world." It's printed on environmentally friendly paper- different than most mags -& has super interesting articles about fashion, design, politics, etc. I'm intrigued.

Check out this engrossing article on lighting designer: Stuart Haygarth. Born in the UK in 1966, he is trained in graphic design & photography. In his profile section, the activity "traveling the world" occupied the era of 1990-1991 -I wonder if I can put that on my resume? He does all sorts of neat design projects, but the one in ABOVE magazine was of two chandeliers he has created out of "found" objects. Pretty snazzy - I wonder what room these are appropriate for?

{image: ABOVE magazine, spring 2010, Glow Impact, page 26-27}

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