Monday, June 14, 2010

To Bike or not to Bike?

I don't know about you, but not only have I not ridden a bike since I was in middle school, I am also terrified to ride a bike as a main form of transportation. Something about being neck in neck with trucks & cars, faster & bigger than I, competing for road space. Eek!

However, as a historic preservationist with an interest in urban planning & sustainability, I am saddened, especially after my recent trip to The Netherlands, that the United States is failing in supporting more environmentally friendly forms of transportation. What's the cause of all this anyways? And how can it be rectified?

This article: 6 Ways To Boost Your City's Bike Mojo via Treehugger gives a handful of clear & concise methods to improving this problem.

1. Make it work for women

2. Do that Bike share thing. Right now.
  • Washington D.C recently became the first U.S city to incorporate this idea!

3. E-Bikes are one less car. Support them.

4. Have a Pedalpalooza.

  • yah, I didn't know what this was either, but check out Portland, Oregon's bike festival. It look so much fun - I wanna go!
5. Slow & Steady arrives alive

6. Repurpose a little used stadium as a Velodrome.
  • I could see this working in smaller, economically devastated cities. There are always plenty of abandoned structures like stadiums, mills, or warehouses available. They could be a great project for a creative, up-and-coming architect!

What do you think? Can these work here?
Do you ride a bicycle as your main form of transportation? If not, why?


  1. Lets get ones with wicker baskets on the front and bells...


  2. i know! I already have the bike I want picked out, but I can't start riding until I have that exact one...I wonder what that says about me?


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