Friday, June 11, 2010

MUSIC: Fok Friday {Keb' Mo}

We haven't had much representation from the blues, in any of its forms, on here yet have we? Let's change that. Keb' Mo is absolutely the most perfect music for the current atmosphere - it's summer now {or at least it will be officially in a week or so}, & the weather is getting a little steamy {aka unbearable} & the nights are getting longer {don't you love how you just feel happier when it stays light out later}.

Keb' Mo is originally from California, but his voice & playing would make you think otherwise - deep south perhaps? He was born in 1951, but didn't release his first album until 1980 - Rainmaker, which was under his birth name of Kevin Moore. The next album, Keb' Mo, didn't come on the scene until 1994. From then until now, 10 more albums were released - with the most recent being Live & Mo' in 2009.

He appears to be touring all over the United States during summer 2010, including a significant number of blues festivals. Go to his website to see the full tour schedule.

Watch him play my favorite of his songs, "Every Morning," below:

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