Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spice World

So, I said I was getting into middle school era music & I wasn't lying! Last week I watched Spice World {probably for the 12th time or so!} - the best of the worst movies of the 90s. It was amazing. Seriously, whose idea was this? The writing is terrible the plot is barely discernible, but I can't even say how much it rocks! I remember seeing this in the theater & being even more obsessed with the Spice Girls & I probably hadn't seen it for at least 6 years or so...it's funny going back & watching {or listening} to things I loved when I was younger.

Spice World was released in 1997 & starred, obviously, the Spice Girls, Meat Loaf as their driver, Elton John,Roger Moore, Alan Cumming, Elvis Costello, &, briefly, Hugh Laurie of House fame. Basically, they have to perform at a big concert at the end of the movie despite interferences from pregnant friends, aliens, & a too-tightly-packed schedule. Just a day in the life of a Spice Girl I suppose. Ultimately, there is no plot, but the costumes & lingo are worth it!

Here are some not-so-hot stills I captured:

{What's the best way to soothe your 9 months pregnant friend's worries? Take her to a nightclub! Duh.}

{Oh Posh}

{I totally had platform sneakers in 7th grade, but they were not as cool as Baby's}

{Aliens? check!}

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