Friday, July 2, 2010

MUSIC: Folk Friday {Destiny's Child}

This summer it seems like, musically, at least, I'll be getting in touch with my twelve year old self. Last week I watched Spice World & studied while listening to every single Spice Girls album ever. This week I can't stop with the Destiny's Child. Now, in 6th grade or so, when every girl was feuding over N*Sync vs. Backstreet Boys...I could have really cared less. I was all about Destiny's Child {& Missy Elliot...but that is another story}. I'm not terribly into Beyonce's solo career, but I was OBSESSED with all formations of the group that made her famous. Since it's summer, lets have some fun & go back all the way to 1999 with Say My Name off of their album, Writings on the Wall. The album includes original members LeToya Luckett & Latavia Roberson, however, they were fired just before the video was shot, so it features Michelle Williams & Farrah Franklin, instead. Drama!

Enjoy below:

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