Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Buried Treasure

Another commonality between Carolyn and I: younger teenage sisters. And what are younger sisters good for? Adventures!!

This past weekend my triplet sisters and I made an expedition to Costa Mesa CA; destination: The Buffalo Exchange. If you have never been to one of these stores I highly recommend it. Its thrift at its indie/bohemian best. I was first turned on to it by my very good friend, Madelyn (check out her music blog!), who currently lives in Brooklyn NY, the epicenter for all things hipster/indie. Not that anyone would ever dare be called either of those things. Labels are for jars, man.

Long story short, Costa Mesa has this fabulous little shopping center called The Lab: anti mall. My sister Amanda and I found it a little over a month ago, but at the time were unable to explore it fully because we were caught in a downpour! But, this past Sunday, the weather was wonderfully Southern Californian, so we made another trip, along with Brooke and Sarah. (And one day hopefully Carolyn!)

Filled with outrageously cool stores, the atmosphere was absolutely perfect for a relaxed shopping outing. We dug around "The Exchange" for a bit, coming out with some fabulous, new, well new to us, outfits.

My favorite item of this day: This skirt

and this top

and this too
and this
We also walked around the outdoor plaza. Sarah found this sweet little alcove

And tea and lunch here.

The Gypsy Den! How perfect!!

The moral of this story is to go and search out your local thrift shops and support local businesses, you never know what kind of buried treasure you are going to find at the end of a rainbow!


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  1. Loving the skirt & that hippie dippy top Britt!
    Any place that serves Tea & has Gypsy in its name must have been created for me! Can this be a stop on my westward bound trip?


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