Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"How do you do?"

Forget Miley Cyrus & even Lindsay Lohan, let's bring it back to the original Disney star:

Hayley Mills

Hayley Catherine Rose Vivien Mills was born in 1946 in London to very successful actor/writer parents, John Mills & Mary Hayley Bell. Hayley made her acting debut in one of her father's films when she was just an infant. In 1959, she played opposite her father, again, in Tiger Bay, which earned Hayley her first award.

Soon after she was signed to Disney and made a bunch of films, including the memorable Pollyanna {1960}, The Parent Trap {1961}, In Search of the Castaways {1962}, Summer Magic {1963}, and That Darn Cat! {1965}. She made many other movies, including some based on her mother's novels.

In 1987, she accepted the leading role in a TV series entitled: Good Morning, Miss Bliss, which later became the cult favorite: Saved By The Bell.

While she was never able to duplicate the success she had as a teenager or with Disney, she has never stopped acting.

When I was in 3rd grade, my class went on a field trip to Boston to see the play, The King And I, in which Miss Mills played a perfectly cheerful & obstinate, Anna.

I love everything about Hayley: her haircuts - from modified bowl cut to long & natural with flouncy bangs - her style - tomboy chic to elegant. Her English/American accent still sounds more refined than anything that comes out of my mouth. Her characters were snarky, opinionated, sweet, & relatable.

My elementary vocabulary test grades owe her a thank you as well, for Pollyanna is responsible for teaching me fun words like cantankerous! Plus, how can you not love a girl who climbs trees {perhaps with more appropriate footwear next time!}.

She could be sassy & sweet; classy or casual and, well, I just think she's swell.

See her in action here:

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  1. is it bad that i have yet to see the original and the lindsay lohan version remains my favorite movie of all time?


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