Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sincerely Yours...

{image: Young Girl Writing A Love Letter by Pietro Rotari, 1755}

I'm a letter kind of girl. Love writing them. Love receiving them. Most of all, I love picking out the cards or stationary on which to write.

I have a certain fondness for the 18th century & if you notice, most of the histories concerning this time period {as well as the 17th & 19th centuries, in particular} are based solely on saved correspondences.

{image: Woman Writing Letter by Henry O'Hara Clive}

In one of my preservation classes this week we had a discussion about the future of research since everything is going digital. Museums are still a proponent of written sources, in addition to digitization, because it can be more permanent. Think about it: diaries are going out of fashion, emails {and entire computers} can be deleted; is there a written record out there of your day to day life?

{image: A Young Girl Writing A Letter by Etienne Adolph Piot}

While I have no doubt that there will never be anything written about me, I still love the idea of the written word. It takes more effort than an email & is so much more personal. I collect postcards from my traveling friends & family members that I will always cherish. I'm just a nostalgic creature what can I say?

So many options, so much possible time to procrastinate actual work.... I popped through some sites & have compiled a list of cards that I, personally, cannot wait to scribble a little something to someone special.

5. Postcard Pack by Purrr on Etsy

{personal favorite! I have ordered 4 sets of her cards & cannot get enough!}

So, next time you want to send a text or an email, why not try picking up a pen and writing a few lines to a friend. I'm sure it will be appreciated. Grandmothers have been known to love it. I conclude with some support from literary legacies, whose own fondness for writing filled many a page:

{image: Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen in Becoming Jane, 2007}

“A person who can write a long letter with ease, cannot write ill." {Jane Austen}

"Letter writing is the only device combining solitude with good company." {Lord Byron}

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  1. love this post...but still think you're just jealous of my stationary with the letter A on it. I've have a letter for you on my dresser..since last week. JD owes me stamps so I'm waiting patiently, HA


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