Friday, March 5, 2010

MUSIC: Folk Friday {Coeur de Pirate}

I've gone back & forth since my last Folk Friday post about who to feature today. I've been listening to classic folk a lot recently {Joan Baez, Woody Guthrie, etc, etc} & was leaning towards something retro, but I've been listening to this lady on repeat & felt I had to share. Now, folk she is not...indie pop is probably a more appropriate label, but it's still lovely.

BĂ©atrice Martin, a 21 year old from Quebec, goes by the name of Coeur de Pirate. Her self titled album, Coeur de Pirate, was released in September of 2008 & I'm just in love. I sometimes like to pretend that I speak more French than I actually do, but whether all you know is 'Bonjour' or even less, I absolutely suggest checking this chick out.

I'm a sucker for French music. It makes me feel like this:

{Shout out to ANTM Cycle 8's Brittany. Is anyone else excited about new ANTM this Wednesday!?}

& sometimes a little of this thrown in the mix:

{image: Greta Garbo in The Temptress, 1926}

Give her a listen here:


  1. you sold me, i need to find this cd!

  2. It's really really good. I listen to it constantly & repeatedly!


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