Friday, March 12, 2010

MUSIC: Folk Friday {Emy Reynolds Band}

I really think these girls will be big... soon...

I know I'm playing favorites a little bit... but I gotta promote my local artists. Emy Reynolds and her band hail from Ojai, CA and have been touring the open mic and coffee house scene, in addition to promoting themselves on their mysapce music page.

One of my favorites from them was featured on Grey's Anatomy recently. Good for them! (Even though this ABC drama is so passe I gotta hand it to their music coordinator... what a sweet job, huh?!)

What I love about them is their use of different sounds to create a rich musical texture. Emy and her bandmate Piper (GREAT names!) have a way of sounding soulful, peppy, classic, and fresh, all in a 3:05 song.

This is a great soundtrack for your cooking and crafting activities, so pull out an oatmeal craisin cookie recipe and some water paints and go to town!!

See the cuteness below:

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