Monday, March 22, 2010

Rachel Comey Spring/Summer 2010

Warm weather means warm weather clothing & regardless of weather or not I'm in need, I just always have an itch for pretty new dresses & cute sandals when the weather gets right. {Wow, do I get points for using 'weather' that many times in one sentence!?}

Today, instead of doing anything that I should be doing I was online shopping {hands down the best & worst thing about internet}. I came across these lovely finds on, which I sometimes frequent for inspiration {I would be crazy if I could think of affording any of the designers on there}. These current lusts come from Rachel Comey's S/S 2010 designs.

I just absolutely want a cute pair of overalls, but not the farm hand/utility kind, & I would absolutely pair it with an oversized hat. Now, this does have a function of utility- to protect my pale pale skin from the mean sun.

I would also like an adorable summery dress {with a little bit of sex appeal} that would look great at night with a cardigan {my absolute favorite item of clothing} or for some errands around town during the day. Although, I do wish it had a cute little cap sleeve...I'm not a fan of strapless.

However, this next outfit would fit right into my current closet. Non-skin tight/yet still sweet shorts {well, maybe it counts as a skort?}, a flouncy top, a cardi, & cute, yet walkable flats? Yes please! My birthday is in May btw.

So, what's on your wish list for the Spring?

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